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Coming Soon – My Photos for Rent/ Buy

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Here are a few of the photos that will be up on, where you can rent or buy my work.  For more you can visit my page at  or just keep up with this blog I will post updates here from time to time.  Not sure yet what type of prints I should do. any ideas? I am thinking of Canvas, Metal Prints or your every day photo paper in a gorgeous frame?

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Photography || Fotografia

I’ve loved photography as a form of art ever since I was a little guy. I’ve compiled this list of the cameras i can remember having…

– Kodak Star 110 camera. When I was a little one, about 9years old, this was my mother’s camera.

– Plastic Camera from Discount store(kids toy) (35mm), Purchased this myself when I was 13 years old.

– Olympus Stylus Epic (35mm) My mother bought me this one when I was 14 years old.

– Nikon n55 (35mm) I bought this one myself when i was 19 years old. I still use it.

– HP photosmart M517 (digital) 20 years old in college, had to put those pictures online.

– Kodak V570 (digital) Very cool dual lens camera I bought in 2006. I loved it.

– Aiptek A-HD Camcorder (digital) Camcorder I got last year, but it takes great stills.

– Nikon D60 (digital) This is my baby, I use it to shoot almost everyday.

– Nikon P7000 (digital) This is my pocket camera take it with my everywhere even when I have my D60 this is my backup camera.

Oh yeah, and we had a Family instant Polaroid – very kool cam. at the time.

After so many cameras what I have learned is this, photography much like other forms of art, is not about what kind of camera you have, how modern or old it is, or how many megapixels you have. To create art, to create an amazing photo, you can use any kind of camera as long as you as you know what you are looking for and know how light falls on your subject you can create something amazing. Do you have a passion, a love for something that you would do for free? something that you would do as a form of meditation?

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