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The City Beautiful

The City Beautiful, Leonidas, Digital, 2024 Like my Bio. says, I love walking around the City Beautiful, Orlando, Florida with my camera in hand, day or night listening to music, and freezing a black and white moment with night lights like this photo. I consider myself to be an artist in the making, discover my […]


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Artist Creating Special Moments

  Artist hard at work, I love capturing moments or places I’ve never seen and the 2 images above are some that I came across while on walking around town on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. The first image was a walk around Boston, MA I captured this artist depicting a statue in the middle of the park […]

Art Videos

The Hardest Working Editors

As we all know Art comes in many forms, one of the hardest and most beautiful has to be Sculpting.  The other day I was thinking of editing in terms of photography and even audio on my pc, and while thinking of how hard it seems sometimes how much harder it should be to create a […]

Art music

For The Love of Music 92

For The Love of Music 92 is a podcast idea I had years ago because I love photography but at the same time when out and around town making photos I have my headphones on listening to something cool because I also love Music. The problem is that a lot of times the music stream services […]