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I love Photography and have since I was very young. I’ve made photos here and there as a hobby, but now I feel ready to take it to the next level. My first goal was to take photos every day, so far so good. Here are a few of them.

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#streetphotography literally Street photography lol #IAmNextContest #blackandwhitePhotography

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Heart of Orlando #IAmNextContest #Florida #StreetPhotography #blackandwhitePhotography

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Early Morning #nature #LakeEolaPark #StreetPhotography #ColorPhotography in Downtown Orlando Florida

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#2015 Goodmorning to all, happy Friday #StreetPhotography #blackandwhitePhotography

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This one is from Sunday #StreetPhotography #ColorPhotography #nature

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I’ve loved photography since very young, growing up in the Dominican Republic it was the only way for me to remember what my sister and mother looked liked since they had moved to New York City when I was very little. Then growing up in The Bronx, NY I always loved to see pictures from the early 20th century. I love the idea of freezing a moment in time just the way it was. This is my goal each time I take a photo. For more about my photography and to support my art please visit


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Project: LookCloser || Proyecto: Mirada más Cercana

This project will show my view on what we should be working on as a nation instead of fighting wars.   for more pictures please visit 


Este proyecto muestra mi opinión de lo que debería estar trabajando en esta nación en lugar de las guerras. Para mas fotos, visite





Project: LookCloser

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