If I could go back and relive the last few years of my life, I would relive each moment in exactly the same way.

I love #cars and trucks, if I could i would own them all.

Symmetry is everywhere, in architecture as well as in nature it is simply gorgeous in my humble opinion.

I love turning my photos into works of art with the phone app Prisma.

I love black and white photos, they are timeless, they can show textures, and details, from light to shadows they are just stunning.

Every since I moved to Orlando, FL I’ve learned to love and enjoy nature walks.

I lived in NYC for 21 years of my life, from the age of 9 and I loved to walk around with my cameras, here are some of my work.

This project will show my view on what we should be working on as a nation instead of fighting wars.

Our planet is made up of mostly water but yet we call it Earth.